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A little bit about me...

A Detroit native, I started training as an actor when I was 14 years old, with Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, and started working as a professional actor when I was 15. I went on to study acting at Miami University and received a BA in Theatre. After my studies, and before heading off to Europe, I returned to Detroit for 2 years as a Director, Choreographer, Acting Teacher, and Dance Instructor. My efforts and performances have taken me all over the U.S., Italy, and Germany, as well as, Canada, England, Wales, France, Denmark, Singapore, and Malaysia.​ Throughout my career, my focus has been theater, film, voice-over, and vocal performance.

Although I had a deep love and appreciation for dance, it was never "the plan". But I suppose the universe thought otherwise. It began with teaching studio classes, then quickly developed into becoming an established theatrical choreographer. Developing my own style of physical storytelling, my movement work is a fusion of HipHop, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, African and Lyrical. Always on the grind, and with my positive personality, and effervescent nature, I am continuously in the search of growth, and pursuing the many opportunities that this industry, and beyond, have to offer.

Glenus, 'All Our Tragic'
Joe Brodsky, 'DFDR Scottsboro Boys'
Robbie, 'The Empty Chair'
Brace, 'Xtigone'
Count, 'Neighbours'

Although my soul is from Detroit, my heart (and current home) is Chicago. Before relocating, I spent 6 years on tour with English-speaking theater companies throughout Italy and Germany. A seasoned professional, and character actor, I have been in productions from classical to contemporary, children's theater to high drama; striving to break the mold and go against "traditional casting". Theater, film, commercials, voice-over, voice performance for animation, and choreography. It's true what Shakespeare said, all the world IS a stage... stage, classroom, studio, and battlefield.

This time has caused me to truly look at myself (as I am sure it has done to many), and evaluate my purpose. Who am I, if not an actor. The answer is simple, I am an artist. In a way, I am grateful for the time. It has given me the opportunity to reflect, and explore other facets of my artistry.

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"To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible."


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