Original Works (Complete & In the Works)

As an artist, there is always something running though my mind. Whether it's a book, a play, a musical, a screenplay, or choreography when I hear music...I need to get it out, and put it down. If you are interested in assisting, co-creating, producing, or hosting any of these creations, contact me. Keep in mind... "I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my $#!@" -E. Badu

'#thirtyfive' (webseries/sitcom)

Jackson, a gay black man living in the city, is having one of the most identifying years of his life. It all begins with  an epic 35th birthday. We follow Jackson, and his fabulous group of friends, as they navigate life, love (or lack there-of) and career.


'MOVING' (film)

A journey through music and words, using original dance and poetry. Set against a city landscape, this film explores movement in uncommon places and spaces. Watch as storytelling and physical expression intertwine. 

'STOP REQUESTED' (musical)

We are told that first impressions are everything...but then we are also told never judge a book by it's cover. Is it one or the other? Is it both? Take a look at this group of people and how their lives intertwine. Bus 83 may not be the only thing they have in common. The moral of the story?...you never know the life that someone is leading. A contemporary musical underscored by a mixture of jazz and hiphop.



What happens when the double life you're leading catches up with you? And the two worlds collide? Well, Adam is about to find out. Will he survive?


'the HAIRY APE: musical' (musical)

A hip-hop musical adaptaion of 'The Hairy Ape', a 1922 expressionist play by American playwright Eugene O'Neill. Yank, a city laborer, has worked hard all his life in the pursuit of happiness as a black man in America. After a belittling encounter, he searches for a sense of belonging in a world controlled by the privileged. Original music and lyrics.


Growing up in Detroit, I was always told my options were limited. And there were many examples displaying that. But from an early age, I thought, screw that. Don't tell ME what my options are. As a result, I've traveled the world performing, educating, and LIVING. This is a true, gritty, retelling of my story thus far. My memoirs. 


'OH BROTHER, MY BRUTHA' (one-man show)

Comprised of monologues from myself and various published works. The show is a display and deconstruction of the many stereotypes and archetypes of black men in America. All stereotypes are based in a bit of truth. The key is to recognize and address it's origin, and not allow it to become an exaggeration.

"Fortuna Favet Fortibus"

© 2016 by Breon Arzell. All rights reserved

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