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"Make your mark, have your presence felt, and leave them wanting more."

“Arzell's moving..."

-Chicago Tribune

-NewCity Chicago

“Breon Arzell shines brightly..and his movement work is a thing of beauty"

-The Detroit News

“A combination of perfect choreo (kudos to choreographer/A.D. Breon Arzell) and magnificent staging..."

“...a dashingly douchy Jason (Breon Arzell)"

“Arzell is a delightfully menacing Luthor"

-D.C. Metro

-New City Stage

The Joseph Jefferson
2016 NonEquity Awards
Nomination & WIN!
Splash Magazine,
'The Hairy Ape' Review

Artistic Specialization- Step/Choreography, 'The Hairy Ape', Oracle Productions

Ensemble- 'Direct from Death Row, The Scottsboro Boys', Raven Theatre

​"Every one of them is fabulous. Go see...Breon Arzell killing it" 

"...Also of note, are Breon Arzell's work as step master...amazing"

3rd Coast Review,
'The Hairy Ape'

"Arzell is persuasive as the IWW Secretary"

Chicago Theater Beat,
'DFDR Scottsboro Boys'

"Breon Arzell deserves a special call out, his background in dance imbuing his carnivalean Brodsky with a snappiness and control worthy of the great age of vaudeville."

'Purlie' Review

"From there the con took one turn after another as Purlie’s cousin Gitlow, (the very funny Breon Arzell) tried to use his title of “deputy of the coloreds”...Gitlow and his workers serenading Ol’ Cap’n (bringing down the house...was indeed one of the highlights of this show."

"A combination of perfect choreography (kudos to choreographer/assistant director Breon Arzell) and magnificent staging..."

to be cotinued...

"The goal isn't to live forever, it's to create something that will."     -C.P.

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